533coverEmmy-Award-winning original music commissioned for the public television documentary Death of the Dream: Farmhouses in the Heartland, a story of America’s rural past and a forgotten lifestyle. Narrated by Linda Kelsey and based on a book by William Gabler, the film traces the evolution of the classic farmhouse — from its humble origins through the high-tech present — and charts the impact that changing economics have had on the lives of Midwestern farm families.

The documentary features readings by poets Robert Bly, Leo Dangel and writers Bill Holm and Paul Gruchow, as well as interviews with farm families. Heitzeg’s score merges classical and folk idioms with its slow waltzes and spacious chords.

Recipient of three additional awards (best writing, audio and videography) at the 2000 regional Emmy Awards (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Death of the Dream has been shown on public television stations across the nation.

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Featured musicians
  • Peter Ostroushko, fiddle and mandolin
  • Laura Sewell, cello
  • Tom Linker, piano
  • Steve Heitzeg, acoustic guitar
  • Zeitgeist (ensemble)
  • “Steve Heitzeg’s music has all the attributes of a venerable farmhouse: elegance, simplicity, and unpretentiousness. Rooted in the soil of the Midwest, these hand-crafted originals are made lovingly from wood and stone. Come into the kitchen and listen to the fiddle play.” — John Whitehead, director of Death of the Dream
Audio Sample

Tallgrass Priaire Waltz