514coverearthworks is an intimate collection of Heitzeg’s chamber works in celebration of the natural world that are given stellar performances by acclaimed musicians flutist Julia Bogorad, soprano Maria Jette, cellist Laura Sewell, the House of Hope Children’s Choir and Zeitgeist.

earthworks offers pieces inspired by turtles (Endangered, a solo cello work featuring Sewell), Native American culture (Pipestone Peace Pipe, performed by Bogorad) and a simple wish for peace (O, Colored Earth, the opening reverie performed by the House of Hope Children’s Choir).

Maria Jette is featured in three songs: Hurt Not the Earth, Webassin and istimbe. The final, 23-minute work (Raven and Crow: Medicine Birds, performed by Zeitgeist) delves into the mythology and modern twists of these ancient birds. Works are enlivened by such non-traditional chamber instruments as a gourd rattle, stones, birchbark and pine cone wind chimes, loon and crow calls and corn husks.

Featured musicians
  • Julia Bogorad, flute
  • Susan Ennen, harp
  • Paul Gunther, percussion
  • Steve Heitzeg, acoustic guitar
  • House of Hope Children’s Choir
  • Maria Jette, soprano
  • David Milne, alto saxophone
  • Laura Sewell, cello
  • Zeitgeist (ensemble)
  • “This collection of chamber and vocal pieces is full of subtle, spare moments of grace… Heitzeg is at his most elaborate, freewheeling and dynamic… this is thoughtful, well-realized music, deeply informed by nature.” — EarthEar.com
  1. o, colored earth
  2. endangered
  3. hurt not the earth
  4. webassin
  5. istimbe
  6. pipestone peace pipe
    1. pipestone: jeffers petroglyphs
    2. peace (for the peacemakers)
    3. pipe: dance of the healing breath
  7. raven and crow: medicine birds
    1. the mask we call ourselves
    2. the painting of the birds (why raven is black)
    3. raven unravels the night sky and frees the stars
    4. heckle and jeckle, “eat crow” and crow”s feet
    5. crow cadenzas and prayer council
    6. canoe of life
Audio Sample

O, Colored Earth