text: Jane Addams, Mohandas Gandhi, Isaiah 2:4, Margaret Mead, Mother Teresa, Article I from the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the phrase: "love sees no color"
duration: 7min 
instrumentation: Children's choir and percussion (2 small stones, Hindu bell rope, plowshare, 5 Noah bells, small bell)
movements: I. Chant Against Anthropocentrism II. Chant Against Classism III. Chant Against Racism IV. Chant for Peace and Justice V. Chant Against Sexism VI. Chant Against Heterosexism VII. Chant Against Ageism
premiere: Metropolitan Boys Choir; Bea Hasselmann, conductor; Jeanne D'Arc Auditorium, Saint Catherine University, Saint Paul, MN on 04/30/1998


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