duration: 18min 
instrumentation: 3 (pic)-3 (e hn)-3-3/4-3-3-1/timp, 3 perc, pf, hp/str
movements: I. Illuminated Pleasures II. Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra III. The Persistence of Memory IV. Hand (Remorse of Conscience) V. The First Days of Spring VI. Evocation of the Apparition of Lenin VII. Honey is Sweeter than Blood VIII. Daddy Longlegs of the Evening--Hope! IX. Skull With Its Lyric Appendage Resting on a Night Table Which Should Have the Exact Temperature of a Cardinal Bird's Nest (Movements available separately)
premiere: Florida Orchestra; Tsung Yeh, conductor; Tampa Bay, FL on 11/06/1987