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Picture of composer Steve Heitzeg

Emmy Award-winning composer Steve Heitzeg — named “Composer of the Year” at the 2000 Minnesota Music Awards — is recognized for his orchestral and chamber music written in celebration of the natural world.

An advocate for the “peaceful coexistence of all species through music,” Heitzeg has written more than 100 works, including compositions for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensemble, ballet, and film.

News — February 2011: High-quality video of excerpts from Heitzeg’s “Song Without Borders,”
“Nobel Symphony,” and “Social Movements” is now available on Stone Circle Music’s YouTube channel

World Piece

On October 24, 2010 (United Nations Day), pianist Teresa McCollough premiered Steve Heitzeg’s World Piece — an ecoscore in 192 movements for each of the 192 member states of the United Nations — in a series of performances released on YouTube.

Heitzeg composed World Piece for the San Francisco-based McCollough in 2007 — carefully illustrating as well as composing each movement. Over the next three years, McCollough recorded the 192 movements in multiple sessions, and listeners can now peruse a digital copy of the ecoscore online, selecting a movement/member state to hear each performance. The experience is a gallery of sound and a musical journey around the world — available at the listenerís pace.

“We are all native to the earth and this is the origin of music — chords of humanity, animal chants, oceanic and aquatic arias, mountainous percussion, insect inventions, passacaglias of plants, symphonies of sky. Each solitary and individualistic spirit and being is a sustaining note in this life, this music.” — Steve Heitzeg


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